15 Questions With… Maria Morgan

It would be really wrong, and somewhat narcissistic to do a write up on myself.

So straight into the questions for me I am afraid.

Although I am sure the ladies could give you a honest rundown of what it’s like working with me if you asked them…. something about a very sarcastic sense of humour and being blunt springs to mind 😐

  1. How would you describe your job to a child?
    I look after a team of very nice ladies who help people fine nice homes and help them whilst they live there to make them happy and keep them safe. My job is to make sure those lady’s are safe doing that job, that we are doing it well and that we follow the laws involved as well as making sure the business keeps going so they all still have jobs (at least that’s how I described it to Oliver).
  2. What do you like most about your job?
    The amazing feedback we get from our clients and customers about the service we all provide as a team. I also like listing new houses and dealing with the marketing of the business.
  3. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
    Nothing! I am genuinely not a morning person at all… Paul has to bring coffee!
  4. What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?
    I would probably run an events management business, so a very similar type of skill set to the job that I have now, or working with foster children.
  5. What do you consider your biggest achievement to date to be (personal or professional)?
    Opening Platinum Properties and continuing to shape and mould the business. I opened the company with a vision of genuinely being the best possible and I think I drive the team mad by constantly reviewing processes, procedures, software and the companies we work hand in hand with to give the best and get the best for our clients.
  6. If you went back in time and met yourself at 13 years old, what would you tell yourself?
    Anything is possible. If you set your sights on something and you want it badly enough that you will make any sacrifice necessary to get it, you can achieve it. Hard work and tenacity is everything.
  7. What three traits define you?
    Helpful, tenacious and creative.
  8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
    I am currently learning the art Modern Lettering/Calligraphy and would like to continue to progress those skills.
  9. When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?
    Bake! I love to bake, I love making friends and families birthday cakes most of all… getting lost in a good recipe… I also like to cook savoury meals, but baking is my all time favourite.
  10. What is your favourite activity?
    Spending time with my family. We don’t get enough of it really, I think that’s what the current situation as taught me.
  11. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
    Cleaning the oven, I like a clean house, but doing this job is just a necessary evil that needs doing far to regularly!
  12. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Binge watching trash TV, like Real Houswives or Vanderpump Rules. I know, it’s terrible…
  13. What is your motto or personal mantra?
    We have one saying at home ‘without great risk, there is no great reward!’ and we always use it when we are about to take the next big step in our journey together.

    I also very much like ‘The problem is not the problem, your attitude to the problem is the problem’, it speaks for itself! I try to be quite a positive and solutions driven person on the whole…
  14. When was the last time you cried with laughter?
    I am pretty sure the last time we cried with laughter was watching the face one of our cats pulls when she sneezes!
  15. If you could be a fictional character, who would you choose?
    If I had to choose a fictional character in itself it would probably be Katness Everdeen from the Hunger Games.