Cambridgeshire Price Drops

It’s typically rather expensive to buy a house as on average in central Cambridge a house costs around £442,317 and a new house costs around £521,234 so if you’re planning on moving into central Cambridge be prepared as the house prices are very high but not all houses are that expensive as there are some houses that will go for less than £100,000 and there.

However, recently the properties in Cambridgeshire have dropped by 0.4%. This marks the first price decrease in 7 years!

Property prices in Central Cambridge have fallen by a whopping 3.9% in the last 12 months alone!

In South Cambridge, prices dropped by 5.1%, marking the biggest price decrease, and Newmarket property prices dropped by 2%.

This makes it the perfect time this summer to rent a property with Platinum Properties – We provide an award-winning service to both landlords and tenants with ZERO deposit options.

Written in July, 2019 by Scott Alexander of Ely College

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