Reasons to live in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the best places to live as it’s got a lot of diverse cultures. There are also a lot of things to do such as go to the cinema or go bowling there are multiple train stations and there’s also a lot of university’s and six form colleges. There are also places like the grand arcade and the Grafton Centre to go to.

The property market there is also very extensive and there’s a wide range of different houses or apartments. The prices also vary a lot from houses costing up to £2 million to £3 thousand so there’s really something for everybody in Cambridge.

Cambridge is a magical place to be as walking the streets is like walking through history as lots of the houses are really old and some are very modern. The local dining scene is the best for miles around Hosting one of the best restaurants in the world, the 2 Michelin Starred Midsummer House. Cambridge is surrounded by beauty when locals want a quick break from the city they’re spoiled for choice. South Cambridgeshire has been voted the best rural place to live in Britain thanks to its beauty.

Written by Oliver Pawsey during his work experience in July 2019

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