Signable – Signing documents quickly and safely from any device

In our increasingly fast-paced lives it is vital that our admin is as efficient and effective as we are. We are also much more conscious of the effect we have on the environment, and reducing that effect as much as possible. It was with these points in mind that Platinum Properties began using Signable over a year ago.

With Signable documents go right to our customer’s and client’s inboxes, making sure that they can read, sign and store all of the information they need from any of their devices. It has allowed us to streamline our service making so many of our processes efficient, cost effective, and completely green! Conveniently working alongside our property management software, we can safely manage and store the signed documents without the need for paper files; GDPR regulations being as they are, ensuring we are compliant is paramount.

The video below is a quick tutorial and details the signing process – If you are a current tenant, applicant or landlord of ours it’s very informative! Or it may be something you can consider using in your own business.

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