All contact with Platinum has been excellent. I am always kept up to date on any queries from the tenants and any problems are quickly and efficiently resolved. A really first class team

Mr M (Landlord) January 2020

Probably the best managing agents I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a few). Always available to speak, polite, helpful and real pleasure to deal with. I’d thoroughly recommend them.

Mrs R (Landlord) January 2020

I like their swift response to any problems I have, also I tend to light of my problems. Carly is the front runner of the company, always greets you with a brilliant smile and a word.

(Landlord) January 2020

Platinum have been amazing to us. We wish that every tenant has a letting agent like this. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They are interested in us as people as well as tenants. We love them.

Mr G (Tenant) January 2020

I opted to use Platinum Properties because of their great reputation. I have no regrets. Their thorough tenant checks and great service have meant I can relax knowing my property is in safe hands.

Miss M (Landlord) January 2020

The whole team were really responsive to any issues are they were very ‘human’ and kind in their communications, remaining professional but not robotic as they supported us during our tenancies.

Mrs C (Tenant) December 2019

All the staff are always positive and cheerful. Most importantly they deal with any queries and issues in a prompt, efficient and timely manner. I have recommended them to friends and colleagues

Mrs W (Landlord) December 2019

I have been corresponding with Carly and Jade. Their communication is excellent, polite and professional-always giving timely update and follow up without prompting, making business relaxed and stress free.

Mr A (Landlord) December 2019

I can’t recommend Platinum enough! As an overseas landlord they make my life incredibly easy, all staff are polite and friendly and issues are resolved very quickly. Fantastic agents!

Miss H (Landlord) December 2019

Maria the owner really understands the business… but very importantly has also trained the team to support her with the same approach: customer care 100% whether client landlord or tenant. 10/10

Mr C (Landlord) November 2019

We love our letting agent, Platinum Properties! Communication is always prompt, clear and helpful. We know we can rely on the team at Platinum Properties to go above and beyond to assist us, Thanks!

Mr F (Tenant) November 2019

Platinum Properties is an absolute delightful letting agent. Professional, friendly and warm treatment from the start of the tenancy all the way through. All questions – answered, all problems – solved.

Mr A (Tenant) November 2019

Every member of staff at Platinum Properties has been extremely helpful, during my time at one of their properties. Issues are resolved quickly and questions are answered straight away, thanks team!

Mr S (Tenant) November 2019

Such a friendly efficient team. Always up to date with the latest regulations and how they’re changing and always know exactly what’s going on with each of my properties. They are absolutely on it.

Miss R (Landlord) October 2019

Having met Maria, the business owner I was impressed but I have continued to be highly impressed and pleased at the communication from anyone I’ve dealt with. They listen but offer business advise too.

Miss G (Landlord) October 2019

Maria takes pride in ensuring the service provided is to a high standard.

Miss S (Landlord) September 2019

Staff are always quick to respond to concerns/issues and ensure we are kept in the loop. Staff are friendly, approachable and very easy to get along with – whilst remaining professional.

Miss M (Landlord) September 2019

Platinum Properties have been great estate agents to work with. They are friendly and communicative, and prompt in replying to emails, which is important!

Mr B (Tenant) September 2019

All staff I deal with have extensive knowledge, give consistently sounds and considered advice, deal quickly with my queries and those of my tenants but above all, go out of their way to be helpful.

Mr D (Landlord) September 2019

Always knowledgeable on legal requirements and needs of tenants, but listening to the needs of the landlord too.

(Landlord) August 2019

I have now used Platinum Properties for over 3 years and in that time I have found them to be efficient, reliable, hard-working, communicative, friendly, very helpful and totally professional.

Mr G (Landlord) August 2019

The team at Platinum Properties have been wonderful and supportive of my needs and are amazing to addressing any issues I may have. They have also provided great direction where required.

Mr S (Tenant) August 2019

I knew Maria several years ago when she works for a previous company. She always gave me excellent, candid advice about my properties which is why I followed her as my agent when she moved.

Mrs M (Landlord) July 2018

I am extremely happy with the quality of service I have received from Platinum Properties. As an overseas landlord, I have nothing to worry about given how professional and proactive they are.

Miss B (Landlord) July 2018

Always helpful and informative about new regulations.

Mrs S (Landlord) May 2018

Absolute gems. I’ve always been dealing with Carly, and she’s always so helpful and kind.

Mr J (Tenant) July 2018

They are all fantastic I would be unfair to single any one out.

Mr L (Landlord) June 2018

maria and the whole team have been fantastic

Ms T (Tenant) May 2018

Maria, who owns the company, and her staff, are incredibly efficient; approachable and professional. Whenever I have a query it is immediately dealt with. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Mrs M (Landlord) July 2018

An excellent company, easy to deal with and makes the whole process of letting out a property hassle free. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to have their property rented out.

Mr B (Landlord) June 2018

Very professional and trustworthy at all times

Mr C (Landlord) July 2018

We are very pleased with the service they offer

Landlord (July 2018)

Maria and her lovely staff at Platinum eased through the process of a group let ( 4 students ) for my house in Cambridge updating me throughout and making the letting process seem easy..!! A pleasure

Mr D (Landlord) July 2018

Sophie has been an absolute star throughout the entire rental experience. Super prompt with communication and always very cheerful.

Mr G (Tenant) July 2018

Recommend this agent. Best we’ve had.

Mrs O (Landlord) June 2018

After renting for 6 years Platinum Properties have been by far the best estate agents that I have rented with. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Mr B (Tenant) June 2018

Platinum have been clear in their communications with myself and my partner, and they have responded to our queries promptly and efficiently – overall, a very good service has been provided to us.

Miss T (Tenant) July 2018

Maria turned what could have been a very stressful experience into something very easy for which I am very greatful!

Ms O (Landlord) August 2017

We are so lucky and happy that we are renting our house through Platinum Properties.

Mr D (Tenant) August 2017

Much better than our previous agent, more responsive and better communication.

Ms B (Landlord) August 2017

The agency are very helpful in all matters that concern my flat.

Miss H (Tenant) July 2017

I trust Maria and her team to just get on with it and manage everything.

Mr R (Landlord) July 2017

In all honestly, Platinum Properties have been the best agency we have ever gone through! They are professional, prompt and informative.

Tenant August 2017

Fantastic, trouble free service, would highly recommend

Mr C (Tenant) August 2017

I have dealt with Maria for several years and have always found her and the rest of the Platinum team to be excellent

Mr M (Landlord) August 2017

Maria and her team are efficient, professional and at the same time both friendly and approachable.

Ms H (Tenant) August 2017

Maria and her team are pro-active, attentive and highly qualified. They go beyond necessity, deliver promptly, advise wisely and charge fairly.

Landlord July 2017

All staff in the Ely office have been efficient and courteous at all times

Mr M (Landlord) July 2017

We love Platinum Properties because they treat us like family. They respond quickly with solutions and stay in touch.

Mr F (Tenant) June 2017

Always helpful and pleasant, would recommend highly.

Ms D (Tenant) June 2017

Maria and Alycia have been excellent

Mr G (Landlord) June 2017

Platinum Properties is an excellent letting agency and it’s a pleasure to do business with them, Maria is especially helpful.

Ms H (Landlord) April 2017

I’ve been renting for the past 10 years and Platinum Properties have been the most pro-active and responsive.

Tenant May 2017

Very efficient and pleasant staff, very good to deal with

Mr C (Landlord) February 2017

Platinum (and in particular Maria) were excellent and professional throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Mr G (Landlord) February 2017

I am consistently impressed with the quality of service of Platinum Properties. I have been letting houses since 1993 and hey are the best.

Mr K (Landlord) February 2017

You’re so fantastic that I just wouldn’t rent through anyone else now! (Facebook Comment)

Miss P (Tenant) September 2017

Any queries are handled with complete care a dignity. My agent is very approachable and I trust them with any repairs or inspections even if I cannot be home at the time.

Miss S (Tenant) January 2020

The speed of response, clarity of explanation and simplicity in dealing with any issues have always been key features of Platinum Properties. Maria’s team does an outstanding job.

Mr R (Landlord) December 2019

The girls are spot on! My husband and I are both very happy with the way they conduct their business and have no worries with are rental house that they look after for us.

Mrs D (Landlord) December 2019

Having lived in private rental properties for over 10 years I have dealt with a number of other lettings agents and Platinum Properties have been a delight to work with, a refreshing change.

Ms M (Tenant) December 2019

As always the staff at Platinum Ely are courteous, well informed, quick to respond to customer requests and very pleasant to deal with. Their professionalism puts them head and shoulders above the rest

Mr and Mrs D (Tenant) December 2019

This is the best agency I had so far. Reliable, fast in responding to issues or questions, very accurate in performing checks and in dealing with any change in the contract.

Miss T (Tenant) December 2019

We’re new landlords and Platinum have been great. We were nervous to let our house as we plan to come back to it & have heard so many horror stories about agent – Platinum totally put is at ease!

Mrs G (Landlord) November 2019

We have been tenants of the past 3 years and by far they are the best estate agency. Every question or query is handled efficiently and professionally.

Miss T (Tenant) November 2019

It’s going to be our third year with this letting agency and I appreciate how fast and easy it is to communicate with them especially when we have concerns. I find them very transparent and reliable.

Miss E (Tenant) November 2019

Platinum Properties have been absolutely amazing overall. They are friendly, professional, well organised and communicated well with any concerns. I’m absolutely happy to recommend Platinum Properties

Mrs B (Tenant) October 2019

Absolutely lovely staff who go above and beyond. Always warm and welcoming when you go into the agent too.

Miss K (Tenant) October 2019

Platinum Properties always respond in a timely manner to any queries that I have and are always reassuring and friendly when I have any concerns. If I move I would definitely consult them first.

(Tenant) October 2019

All the staff at Platinum Properties are friendly; efficient and courteous at all times. I believe they go beyond what is required of them. They are the best agency that I have used to date – out of 6.

Mrs M (Landlord) September 2019

Platinum Properties right from the initial meeting are very attentive and quick to resolve any issue with the property. First class team and service. Pleasure to deal with.

(Landlord) September 2019

Lovely and friendly staff, always willing to help. Sophie is brilliant and always cheerful and helpful.

Miss W (Tenant) September 2019

I have always found Platinum Properties incredibly efficient and very warm and friendly, this makes such a difference when people are so nice.

Miss C (Tenant) September 2019

I’m sure Platinum Properties have hundreds of clients now but they still make me feel as if I’m their only one! And their attention to details and personalized service is amazing.

Mr McK (Landlord) August 2019

Platinum have taken over the management and letting of my property and do an amazing job

(Landlord) August 2019

They give the business a good name. Wish others were so professional and so personal in their dealings with clients

Mr D (Landlord) June 2018

Maria, the boss is a fantastic advocate for professionalism in this industry, too many firms do not look after the tenants any where near the way they should but Platinum are a breath of fresh air.

Mr D (Tenant) July 2018

Platinum Properties is a superb letting agent and streets ahead of its competitors. They’re fast, super-efficient, easy to work with and they value my business.

Dr Mc (Landlord) July 2018

Sophie has been really helpful in helping me get settled into my new home. A few issues arose soon after I moved in but they were dealt with swiftly and I never felt that I was being too much trouble.

Mr J (Tenant) July 2018

An excellent agent with brilliant customer service. All my issues have been dealt with quickly and efficiently and in a friendly way, making my life as a tenant much easier.

Miss Z (Tenant) May 2018

Platinum Properties are by far the best letting agent we’ve ever had. When we moved recently from another agent we were so glad to be able to be back with them again!

Mr W (Tenant) June 2018

Very pleased with the communication as it was the first time we’ve rented and I was nervous but they were extremely helpful!

Miss S (Tenant) July 2018

I couldn’t single out one of the PP members of staff they are all wonderful, cloned from Maria I expect who has incredibly high standards and exemplary customer service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Mrs R (Landlord) May 2018

I’ve been a tenant with Platinum Properties for many years now and I could not ask for a better Letting Agent. The staff are amazing and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a home.

Mr H (Tenant) August 2018

The whole team is very proactive, diligent and a joy to engage with. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Mr D (Landlord) July 2018

Carly has been super helpful with the whole process, from the viewing, to issues and to questions

Mr S (Tenant) July 2018

A prompt and personal service. I am very satisfied, and am relieved to have moved from my previous agents.

Ms M (Landlord) August 2017

Our property is managed so well we often forget that we let it. The service is excellent

Landlord August 2017

What can I say, Simply Brilliant!

Mr S (Landlord) August 2017

Platinum Properties have provided the best service I have ever has from a Letting Agent! Highly recommend! Thank you!

Landlord August 2017

Simply an excellent all round service. Have dealt with other local agents but have never been completely happy like I am with Platinum.

Landlord August 2017

Platinum Properties are professional, friendly and very considerate in balancing both needs for the tenant as well as the landlord.

Mr E (Tenant) July 2017

I wouldn’t use anyone else if I were to move, Platinum have been wonderful every step of the way and I recommend them to everyone looking!

Mr H (Tenant) June 2017

I am very happy with the service and help I’ve had from Platinum Properties and would definitely recommend them.

Mrs N (Landlord) May 2017

Superb service from a superb professional team. First class service and should be the bench mark for all other agents.

Mr D (Tenant) April 2017

Maria and the team have been brilliant, easy to contact, always available or ring me back even on a Sunday when i needed them. Excellent

Ms G (Tenant) May 2017

Since mvoing in over 2 years ago they have been a flexible, helpful and thoughtful throughout with a special thanks to Alycia!

Mr G (Tenant) March 2017

Extremely professional, friendly company that I have no issues contacting …. about anything.

Mr M (Landlord) March 2017

I moved to Platinum Properties from another agent, tenants were already in situ. The transition was efficiently handled by PP and stress free.

Ms S (Landlord) March 2017

Every aspect of PP’s service is excellent. I am confident that my property is fully managed with due care and attention with a cherry on top.

Mrs R (Lanldord) February 2017

All the staff at Platinum Properties are fantastic

Ms R (Landlord) February 2017

All staff are welcoming and friendly whether by phone or calling into the office

Mr B (Landlord) February 2017

I was particularly impressed with Tanya who thoroughly went through the inventory and was very professional on viewings and with the tenant.

Mr C (Landlord) February 2017

Inventory of the property was extremely detailed and accurate. The agents staff continue to be friendly, helpful, and good-humored.

Dr L (Tenant) February 2017

Have been very appreciative of the efficient and professional manner in which Platinum Properties handle the letting.

Mrs M (Landlord) February 2017

Always been great and so helpful and efficient with me – be proud of yourself, for what you have created Maria (Facebook comment)

Ms. W (Landlord) September 2017

Fantastic staff members, every one of them!

Mr C (Landlord) January 2020

Platinum Properties are an outstanding company Maria and her team are pro active in approach and have gone out of there way on many occasions going the extra mile this is truly appreciated.

Mr D (Landlord) January 2020

I’ve been renting for years and have hated dealing with letting agencies. Platinum could not be further different from the rest. They are SO kind, helpful and friendly. Everyone else take note!

Miss W (Tenant) January 2020

Platinum Properties made my move into my first rental property a walk i the park, they went above and beyond to ensure my move was as easy as possible. The team were attentive, and professional.

Mr A (Tenant) December 2019

Platinum Properties have been outstanding from day one. As an overseas landlord, I know I can fully trust and rely on the team to fully manage my house without having to worry.

(Landlord) December 2019

Platinum Properties Ely make being a landlord very easy by doing all the hard work for you.

Mr J (Landlord) December 2019

In my view it is a privilege to be a tenant with our agency as they are extremely helpful, polite, efficient and reliable. Brilliant team 🙂 🙂

Mr R (Tenant) December 2019

The whole team work together and were always very helpful and understanding. Always full of positive energy whenever I dealt with them. Highly recommended company without doubt.

Mr W (Tenant) December 2019

Nothing is too much trouble. They are proactive in managing my property. I live three hours drive away from it and I have any concerns as to what they are doing. Property is always occupied too.

Mr K (Landlord) November 2019

Sophie and the entire team at Platinum are the very best letting agency I could ask for. They are my number one go-to for recommendations to friends and family, and I cannot rate them enough!

Mr H (Tenant) November 2019

I couldn’t ask for a better service provided by Platinum Properties. Nothing is too much trouble, the team are always helpful and friendly.

Miss D (Landlord) November 2019

I find the whole team at Platinum Properties very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they will go out of their way to help both the tenant and landlord.

Mrs W (Landlord) November 2019

all of the staff are so helpful and kind. They are always willing to explain anything further and answer any questions. Excellent service and would recommend them to anyone.

Miss B (Tenant) Ocotber 2019

We have always found Platinum Properties to be responsive and supportive of any issues which have arisen. They are always very friendly and helpful

(Tenant) September 2019

All members of staff have been polite, efficient and delivered on what they have said/promised. They have responded professionally & quickly when need arises, nothing have been a issue.

Mrs S (Tenant) September 2019

Yet again another year of excellent service from the whole team at Platinum Properties

Mr R (Landlord) September 2019

I couldn’t have wished for a better service from all the girls at Platinum Properties they all have time to explain everything in the terms we understand, they have made renting easy for us.

Mr T (Tenant) August 2018

I have used several agencies in the past but Platinum Properties stand out with their friendliness and responsiveness to my queries/issues

Mr B (Tenant) August 2018

I have had awful experiences with estate agents in the past, but absolutely everyone I have spoken to at Platinum has been so helpful and friendly! I would 100% keep on using Platinum. Thank you!

Miss J (Tenant) July 2018

Wonderful, friendly and professional service from the Platinum team who truly listen and respond. I feel valued and cared for; confident and assured; I’m in safe hands.

Mr W (Landlord) July 2018

Platinum have looked after my property for over three years now and I am so happy with their level of commitment to help me with my property. I keep recommending them to others as they are ace.

Mrs W (Landlord) July 2018

All the team are exceptionally helpful and professional

Mrs W (Landlord) August 2018

I have rented for ten years, the last four of those with Platinum Properties, and I will never again rent with another agent! They make being a tenant an unexpected pleasure. Keep it up guys!

Miss P (Tenant) August 2018

Everyone is always helpful, friendly, polite, professional and come across full of energy. Very prompt in dealing with property issues. Plenty of advanced notice given for routine maintenance etc.

Mr W (Tenant) August 2018

Platinum Properties are very professional and friendly, the managed service they provide leaves nothing undone and almost makes you forget you are a landlord.

Mr J (Landlord) July 2018

Carly is always very helpful and very quick to respond to questions or issues

Mr W (Tenant) May 2018

All the staff are really caring and friendly. I am not just saying that, they really are.

Miss W (Tenant) May 2018

Platinum have been clear in their communications with myself and my partner, and they have responded to our queries promptly and efficiently

Miss T (Tenant) July 2018

Maria and her team are professional, friendly, helpful and efficient. I’ve been extremely happy to use Platinum Properties as my letting agent and wouldn’t think to go anywhere else.

Mrs N (Landlord) July 2018

All staff are helpful and friendly. Quick response to any queries/emails I have. Would definitely recommend them.

Miss H (Landlord) July 2018

I have found Platinum Properties and their staff very helpful, organised, prompt and most of all professional and friendly. Who have helped me along the way to move into the property I am currently in.

Mr W (Tenant) July 2018

Friendly and always willing to help sort out any problems.

Mr D (Tenant) August 2018

We have dealt with Alycia, Maria and Jade in the past and all have been great!

Miss M (Tenant) July 2018

Fantastic customer service, always there if you have any questions or queries. Alycia helped with our move every step many thanks.

Mr F (Tenant) July 2018

Everyone at Platinum Properties are fantastic.

Mrs R (Landlord) May 2018

We have been tenants with Platinum properties for 2 years and they have been fantastic. They are always very friendly and responsive and any problems have been fixed straight away.

Tenant May 2018

Platinum do an incredible job managing my property.They make the rental process so easy from abroad, responding quickly to my messages and dealing with all issues professionally and kindly! Amazing!

Miss H (Landlord) June 2018

Professional service with good communication.

Mr R (Landlord) June 2018

Our moving date was moved forward to accommodate our buyers and Maria is very understanding of our needs regarding our large dog.

Ms T (Tenant) August 2017

The ladies at Platinum are exceptionally helpful and responsive and always abreast of the latest industry developments.

Mr R (Landlord) August 2017

I have been very impressed with the professionalism pf Platinum Properties. Maria has often gone out of her way to help us.

Dr W (Landlord) August 2017

I cannot fault Platinum – they take great care of my property and my tenants

Landlord July 2017

Wonderful service from Platinum Properties. Their communication is simply excellent, and they flag issues and renewals in a timely manner.

Mr N (Landlord) August 2017

The agent’s on tagline really says it all: ‘Why choose anything less than Platinum?’ Maria has a brilliant team

Mr M (Landlord) August 2017

Excellent service at all time and would highly recommend to anyone. Very professional and we are always kept well informed.

Landlord August 2017

The team at Platinum Properties are fabulous

Mrs A (Landlord) August 2017

Would highly recommend, simply the best!

Mrs S (Landlord) August 2017

We are very satisfied with Platinum Properties, they are one of the best agents we have worked with and would recommend them to others.

Mr S (Landlord) July 217

Maria and her staff are always very professional, very friendly and keep me well informed. They certainly go above and beyond with tenants.

Mrs N (Landlord) June 2017

Problems inherited from our former agents are being dealt with in an efficient and extremely professional manner.

Mr & Mrs R (Landlord) May 2017

Platinum’s experience gives me piece of mind. They are thorough, highly organised, efficient and know their job inside out.

Ms R (Landlord) May 2017

Maria is fabulous – we are so confident and reassured that our property is being well looked after.

Mrs L (Landlord) April 2017

Statement with invoices attached regarding any repairs done. Tradespeople based in Ely more competitive than Cambridge.

Mr D (Landlord) February 2017

Very professional people, I cannot explain how helpful Maria is an agent. She doesn’t look or feel like an agent? more of a friend..

Mr T (Tenant) February 2017

Maria and Alycia have been fantastic

E.C.G.C (Landlord) February 2017

Platinum have been very helpful and efficient and I cannot think how I could improve their service.

Ms F (Landlord) February 2017

Alycia, in Platinum properties, handled all our questions and concerns professionally and with great pleasure. Superb service!

Tenant February 2017

We have always been very pleased with the service, it is good that you ensure that both the tenants and landlords are dealt with fairly.

Ms V (Landlord) February 2017

Best letting agent I’ve ever used. Prompt service, got things fixed quickly, friendly, kept me well informed during works.

Ms W (Tenant) February 2017

You have vision, enthusiasm and an overriding passion for customer service, treating others as you would like to be treated. (Facebook Comment)

Mr. C - September 2017